Psytrance Bass Tutorial

Psytrance Bass Tutorial

May 29th 2012

psytrancebass.jpgIn their second tutorial Nuborn take a look at making a Psytrance bassline using Sylenth1




Section 1: Programming Sylenth1

1.) Import one of the groovey Midi parts from the Nuborn MIDI pack or create a 16th rolling note bassline with the first midi note down 50 on velocity


2.) Open up Sylenth1 Vst
3.) Select “BS Moog Bass”
4.) In the AMP ENV A section move R down to about 0.30
5.) In the MISC 1 section Select velocity on the source button (second one down)
6.) Below velocity you will see a blank green box, now select cutoff AB
7.) Turn the cutoff AB up to about 2.00 (the knob to the left)
8.) Now go to MISC 2 and select velocity on the source
9.) Below velocity you will see a blank green box, now select volume AB
10.) Turn the volume AB all the way down to -10
11.) In The Oscillator A1 section put the volume up about a third until it rolls nicely with the kick
12.) In the Filter Control section move the Resonance down all the way
13.) In the MOD ENV 1 section move D down to about 3.10 to tighten the bass up
14.) In the mixer section turn the main volume up then turn mix A up just before it clips


Section 2: Compression

1.) Open up Waves C4 compressor as an insert on the Sylenth 1 Vst
2.) Select upward comp +3db preset (this brings out the nasil sound of the bass and levels out the dynamics)
3.) It already sounds great (hopefully!) however you can control the tone with the compressor. do this by pressing the S button to solo the prefered EQ band and then adjust the Gain below to control the sound.dont forget to press the S button again to un-solo the sound.


In the player below you’ll find an example of the finished sound.

{modmmp3} {mmp3}PsyBassDemo.mp3{/mmp3}




Watch our latest Psytrance tutorial video here.

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