My Synth Presets Don't Work - Help!

My Synth Presets Don’t Work – Help!

October 30th 2016

Most problems are caused by out dated versions of software, commonly affected synths are Lennar Digital Sylenth1 & Xfer Records Serum. Don’t panic though! These issues are easily fixed!

Firstly, please ensure that your software is legal and up-to-date to avoid issues when loading your new synth presets.

Sylenth1: Open your DAW and load Sylenth1. From the synth’s front panel ‘MENU’ choose ‘CHECK FOR UPDATES’, this will open the Lennar Digital website and list your available downloads. If you do not know your code you may be required to enter your personal license code. Lennar Digital Support can be contacted here.

Xfer Records Serum: Log into your Xfer Records account and choose ‘Your Account’ from the menu. Your available downloads will be listed here.

Still having trouble or need help with an different synth? Open a Support Ticket here.

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