SOS: The Future of Recording Video - Must See!

SOS: The Future of Recording Video – Must See!

November 18th 2015

We’ve been readers of Sound On sound Magazine since the mid 90’s, and boy has a lot changed! The introduction of audio capable DAW’s such as Logic and Steignberg’s VST plugin format were game changers at the time allowing users to begin making tracks solely within their DAW software package. As home PC computing power came of age so did these powerful pieces of software, enabling those who wished to sun the traditional hardware setup of mixer, patchbay and room full of synths to move towards a digital production route. This video from SOS editors Paul White and Hugh Robjohns delves way back into recording’s past and take a glimpse into the future. From analogue tape, to DAT, ADAT and hard disk recording giving way to today’s recognisable DAW’s, by all accounts this is a fascinating video for anyone interested in both old school recording techniques, current trends and perhaps what the future holds for the technical side of the music industry. Incredibly watchable!


We’ve got plenty of DAW Templates for major sequencers such as Logic, Cubase, Reason and FL Studio – why not take a browse through our DAW Templates here.

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