Supalife House
Supalife House

Supalife House

Combining powerful beats with glitched and progressive top loops, energetic basslines, ambience and brash leads. Future Music rates this 9/10!
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'Supalife House' offers a fresh perspective for house producers, combining powerful House beats with glitched and progressive top loops, quirky energetic basslines, smooth ambience and brash leads sure to take your House productions to new rapturous heights!

Eddy Beneteau's 'Supalife Records' supercharges the House genre with 'Supalife House' - a large collection of loops and one-shot samples drawing on a massive range of influences and packed with useful features for the end user.

Expertly crafted top loops add groove and complexity to the underlying kicks, while squelchy bass lines dance and weave in the spaces between hits to give a jumpy uplifting vibe.

Future Music Magazine Review (September 2010 - Scores 9/10)

"Producer Eddy Beneteau has worked with Producer Loops to create this excellent House package which offers everything from drums to bass, leads, pads and one-shots. Taking its name from his Supalife Records, the package follows classic 125BPM House formula so it should slot into your productions fairly comfortably.

The 442 hits and loops are available in all the major 24-Bit file formats, with MIDI files thrown in for good measure. As usual for Producer Loops, productions values are outstanding and all the sounds are supplied dry and wet along with 'decay' versions for times when you need a long reverb tail. Excellent and highly versatile sounds for any House producer. Score 9/10)"

About Supalife Records: Supalife Records is owned and managed by Eddy Beneteau (White Papoo, Eddy Crusher, Lightness). Having launched earlier this year, Supalife Records aims to be the definitive label for Club & Dance Music and it will include genres as diverse as House, Tech-House, Drum 'n' Bass and Dubstep. Supalife Records are promising a revolution of powerful new music guaranteed to move you on the dance floor, so watch this space...

Detailed Contents:

Supalife House contains 442 original loops and samples (per format) in the following categories:

• Drum Loops (claps, full kit, hi hats, kicks and percussion)
• One-Shots (bass, lead, pad, rhythm and second synths)
• Synth Loops (bass, lead, pad, rhythm and second synths)

Dry, Wet and Tail loops: As with most Producer Loops products, you'll find dry, wet and decay/tail versions of most musical loops allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the FX as opposed to a fade or sudden stop. You can also create your own FX mixes using the dry loops by mixing them through your choice of software or hardware reverbs/delays/etc.

MIDI Files: MIDI files add a whole new level of control as they contain only the musical data/instructions to trigger an instrument. Simply import the MIDI files, and set their output to your favourite synth or sampler in your sequencer and they'll play back perfectly at any speed or pitch and you can change the notes about as required.

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