Sylenth Presets : Arp Supremacy 2 FREE
Sylenth Presets : Arp Supremacy 2 FREE

Sylenth Presets : Arp Supremacy 2 FREE

66 amazing arp sounds for Sylenth1 designed for Psytrance, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore & any genre that requires tripped out rolling arpeggios: warning serious inspiration inside!

Compatible with:

  • Sylenth1
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This pack contains 4 FREE sounds from Arp Supremacy 2. Get the full soundset featuring 66 amazing, twisted arps here. The long awaited sequel to the best selling Sylenth pack "Arp Supremacy"is here at last! What do you do when you're running out of inspiration? Yes, load an arpeggiator!! After the massive success of the first volume of this soundset we've created you another full load of arpeggio based full on groove! Each preset is highly playable and ready to be loaded straight into your tracks right now!

Save time and effort, gain efficiency, tweak and torture the knobs to make the sounds scream through your mix. It doesn't matter what kind of electronic or dancefloor music you produce, these tempo-synced presets will help you out. This soundset includes 7 '15 step' presets, specifically designed to add an extra chaotic element to your synth lines - these asymmetrical arps will never trigger in the same place twice making for more organic sounds! Whether you produce Psytrance, Acid, Rave, Techno, Hardstyle, Hard Trance, Hardcore or anything in-between you'll love these complex arps will cut through any mix. WARNING! Serious inspiration inside! Get the full soundset here.

Product includes 66 arpeggiated presets :

32 Melodic Presets
13 Fundamental Presets
03 Noisy Presets
06 Gate- Presets
07 15 Steps Presets
05 Bonus Template Presets to use as a base to create your own.

Every presets comes with a specific mod-wheel routing for more playability. Kick, Bass, Cymbal and FX from the demo tracks are not included. Every synth sounds has been played with one held key (F#). No effects have been added other than a compression on the master bus. Get the full soundset here.

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