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Spectral is the culmination of 14 years of Linplug’s synth programming experience and is an absolute beast of a subtractive synth! Featuring far more options than your average VST instrument this synth’s parameters can be edited in depth giving you full control over it’s wide pallet of sounds. All oscillator and waveform shapes can be user edited to produce cutting edge, complexity original sounds as well as those bread and butter subtractive sounds that we’re all used to! The synth features 4 powerful oscillators and filter modules, all with full cross-modulation options, again leaving you with endless modulation opportunities for the creative patch programmer - 15 slots in the matrix and 100 destination! Spectral has 5 LFO’s with tempo sync and a multitude of available waveforms to mod your patches with! With up to 32 voice polyphony and a generous 850 presets this VST/ AU instrument is certain to become a classic along with Linplug’s other instruments such as Albino. Take a listen though our Spectral Banks below!

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