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Sylenth1 Soundsets

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Sylenth1 Soundsets, Sylenth1 Banks, Sylenth1 Presets. Sylenth1 has become one of the most popular VST synths out there today and it’s not too hard to hear why – this synths flexible programming options and fiercely sharp oscillators make it a dream to create sounds in, the synth’s perfect for making chunky electronic basses as well as powerful lead synths and plucked sounds. 2 layers and multiple filter options give this synth a sound that many have compared favorably to Access’s Virus, although we don’t necessarily agree completely on this, what we do agree with is price for price this synth is a winner! Although the synth’s interface sometimes doesn’t come across as intuitive the sounds from this virtual analog beast more than make up for any graphical shortcomings! While the factory bank is a great starting point this instrument really sings when you load up some 3rd party patches and banks such as those you’ll find at – we’ve ensured that each synth patch is perfect for your style: whether you produce trance, house, EDM or D&B or hardcore we’ve got a synth sound bank to expand your synth’s sonic capabilities. These sounds are also perfect for those who’d like to know how to program their synth, simply open the patch up and  learn exactly how it was made! Listen to our Sylenth1 Soundsets below…

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