May 30th 2012

Techno is an umbrella term used to describe many sub genres of electronic music. Tempo’s can range from 120-200 BPM + and vary dramatically in composition, style and type of sound used, although synthesised sounds prevail.

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Possibly the most influential synthesisers to make their mark on electronic music of this time are Roland’s TR-909 drum machine, which became the standard percussion sound set and the TB-303, the squelching silver acid box.

Techno is widely agreed to have been born in 1980’s Chicago influenced heavily by the European sounds of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream. Joey Beltram’s 1990 “Energy Flash” was a seminal of the early genre. Soon Techno had diversified into many sub genres including more ambient styles such as that of The Orb and largely the breakbeat style of Orbital with acts such as Aphex Twin creating gritty noise based tracks.

The mid 90’s saw the rise of the Hackney squat party and Acid Techno fuelled by labels such as Chris Liberator’s “Stay Up Forever” along with DJs and producers like Dave The Drummer (“One Night In Hackney”).

Carl Cox’s F.A.C.T compilation on the React label typified the more commercial club themed techno of the 90’s era with tracks such as Thomas Heckman’s “Amphetamine” and the original mix of Cygnus X’s “The Orange Theme” beginning to show the edges of the evolving Trance genre.

Modern Techno is as diverse as ever with sub genres encompassing Industrial, Minimal and Funky styles to name but a few.

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