THE ONE: Progressive FL
THE ONE: Progressive FL

THE ONE: Progressive FL

Download ‘THE ONE: Progressive FL’, featuring one FL Studio Progressive House template plus bonus material, specifically designed to take your Progressive tracks to perfection. Includes Mixer & Plugin Presets, MIDI & NI Massive Presets. A Fantastic Progressive FLP Template for FL Studio users!

Compatible with:

  • FL Studio
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THE ONE proudly presents “THE ONE: Progressive FL” featuring one FL Studio template plus additional bonus presets and files, all tailored for your Progressive House productions. With this template you'll easily be able to get straight to work, without having to deal with a lot of practical tasks and worry about technical things - things that can kill your inspiration and creativity.

So by getting THE ONE: Progressive FL, you can be sure that you will feel a dramatic increase in how quickly you get started and make great sounding music, instead of mousing around until you forget your original idea!

How is this possible?

The template features powerful mixer routing, and pre-prepared sampler tracks and audio clips, each already routed to different mixer tracks - all you have to do is add a sound and you're good to go! Likewise you have 4 different reverb sends already setup so you may quickly blend in some sweet room sounds. These are only 2 examples of how THE ONE: Progressive FL enhances your workflow.

Why should you buy this template?

It's crafted by a well experienced producer who knows all about good workflow.
It features innovative techniques that the professional producers won't talk about in the first place.
It's really good looking, which enhances your joy in making music.
It's made in such a way that it's easy to maintain good gain-staging.

The short demo track shows you what great audio quality you can achieve with this template due to its strong workflow, in no time!

Full Download Specifications:

• 1 template for FL Studio 12.1.3
• 15 Mixer Presets from the template.
• 11 Plugin Presets from the template
• 3 Synth presets from the template.
• 1 Ghostkick sample from the template.
• Manual to get the most out of the template.
• 4 Pluck template presets for Massive, Serum, Sytrus, and Harmor.
• 3 Massive presets used in the demo.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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