THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits
THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits

THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits

Download 1.88 GB of slamming FX samples from THE ONE Series: deigned to create maximum impact in your tracks these pro effects will enhance and expand your sonic horizons: an azming and comprehensive sample collection for all electronic producers!

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  • WAV Compatible With All DAW Software
  • PC & Mac Compatible
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Presenting THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits, a massive collection of hard-hitting FX samples. The download features 67 different FX sounds, all at 3 different lengths. This gives you a number of 201 samples. But hey, we don't stop there. All different versions comes with both a dry and a wet version with post effects applied. This gives you a stunning final number of 402 FX samples in total! This isn't even all of it - don't forget all of the bonus content from the demo song, all included! The sample bank is both available in WAV file and an Apple AIFF file versions (bonus files are still in WAV format). Want some free FX sample from tho pack? Download the FREE Demo Bank here.

All sounds are at studio quality - 96 kHz/ 24-Bit, and contain the necessary headroom for a professional sounding production. For those who can't deal with 96 kHz quality - there is a 44.1 kHz-version of the product as well. On top of this no ridiculous amount of processing have been applied to these samples - no squashing compression, no over-exaggerated high-passing etc.

In these samples you'll only find a basic high pass way down in the frequency spectrum, so you may quickly drag and drop the sample into your track without worrying about any rumbling, plus some very simple tone balancing to make it sound balanced from the start, and some very passive compression to create a good transient. In other words, all samples are clean, and the only processing is for the sound design itself, more than any mixing purposes.

The creator of these samples is a signed designer for famous brands. The sound design for these samples uses advanced synthesis techniques, and you may expect a groundbreaking impression when browsing through this sound library, so this will give your music edge cutting quality and innovation and will make you stand out more from your competitors in the soaked music industry. Not only are these samples advanced, but contain a huge amount of energy, as well as sound fat, dense, and wide.

Imagine dropping one of these samples in the drop/breakdown of your track, or the start of a massive anthem melody - on the main stage in front of hundreds to thousands of people. It gives you the chills already, doesn't it? So give your competitors a slap in the face, and make the crowd scream - and get this sample collection right now!

Bonus: PDF of which presets were used in the demo, as well as info of which freeware third-party plugins that were used. The demo as an MP3. 5 NI Massive Presets. 18 WAV files plus 8 MIDI files.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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