THE ONE: Supersaw Stack
THE ONE: Supersaw Stack

THE ONE: Supersaw Stack

Your search has finally ended - here you have the collection of Supersaw synth presets you've been looking for all this time! Download 66 pro quality Saws for NI Massive guaranteed to hit the spot!

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  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • NI Massive
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Your search has finally ended! THE ONE: Supersaw Stack brings you the collection of Supersaw synth presets that you've been looking for all this time! Featuring a total of 66 professionally crafted presets for NI Massive this bank has been collected from previous volumes of THE ONE sound bank series. the soundset also contains some brand new presets to polish of the collection. The creator of these sounds is a sound designer for famous brands, so you may expect top of the notch sounds with a good flexibility for your tracks - sounds that not only sound good by themselves but also are highly usable for your music productions. This sound bank also includes bonus content from the demo track as both WAV and MIDI loops.

52 of these presets have been collected from the following preset banks; THE ONE: Pro EDM, THE ONE: Pro Deep House, THE ONE: Bangin' Trap, and the bestseller THE ONE: Hardstyle. On top of these presets we've included 14 exclusive new presets available in this sound bank only.

The presets themselves have been programmed to contain a cutting edge sonic quality - all presets are as fat, full, wide, punchy/snappy, and intense as they can be. This involves innovative techniques to create stereo spread, as well as professional usage of the Feedback section. But most importantly, many of the presets have a unique sound to them, giving the supersaw sound a new face as well as providing some of the classic sounds you’d expect.

All 8 Macros have been carefully assigned on each and every preset to give you a good variety of options so you may easily adjust the impression, quality, timbre, articulation and much more on the presets. Velocity controls and randomize controls have been assigned to many of the presets, making them sound as human as possible as well as standing out form the crowd.

With these presets you’ll easily stand out from your competitors and rock the stage. Take a listen to the MP3 demo track showcasing the potential of some of these sounds, and imagine them on the mainstage - this could be you! If you wish to have a look at some of the presets themselves, take a look at the free trial version. Download the Free Bank Here.

In Supersaw Stack, you get: 5 arpeggiated saws, 9 dark and and naughty saws, 12 intense supersaw leads, 6 sequenced saws, 7 soft and delicious saws, 27 various other supersaw sounds

Bonus Material: PDF of which presets were used in the demo, as well as info of which freeware third-party plugins that were used, the demo track as an MP3 for your reference, 20 MIDI Files & 30 WAV files.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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