Using Sylenth1 32 bit in Logic X

Using Sylenth1 32 bit in Logic X

November 1st 2013

UPDATE: September 2015 – Sylenth1 has now been updated to 64 Bit! Download the update by choosing ‘Check for updates’ from Sylenth’s front panel.

ARCHIVE ARTICLE: As some of you may know Logic 10 only runs as a 64 bit application – this means that if you have any older plugins that haven’t been updated to 64 bit (or have ceased development and may never be updated) you currently won”t be able to use them in Logic without using this technique.

We’re going to install 2 utilities called J bridge and Metaplugin – these are going to help us run our 32 bit plugins in Logic X.

Demo versions of these apps are available to test, so you don’t need to buy the full versions.

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Once you’ve downloaded the jBridge and Metaplugin package the first thing to do is to ensure that you’ve got some plugins in your VST folder to bridge to 32 bit – you’ll find the standard OS X VST plugin folder locations below:


We’re going to be using Sylenth1 for our demo today which we’ve pre-installed on our Mountain Lion test machine. We found that we had to register our copy of Sylenth1 using our license file before the synth would make any sound, even in demo mode, so make sure that you’ve got your license file to hand.

Once you’ve downloaded the jBridge package, launched the utility and followed the onscreen instructions, select that you’ll be using a 64 bit host – this will create a bridged VST plugin for Metaplugin to read and add to your instrument list in Logic X. To get this to work in OS X Mountain Lion we’ve moved the user folder ‘PluginsBridgedFor64BitVSTHosts’ to our main system plugins folder so that Metaplugin can easily locate it.

The next stage of the process is to install Metaplugin – this will enable us to run Sylenth1 as a VST plugin inside of Logic 10

Now that jBridge has done it’s magic we can go ahead and launch Logic X and add an instance of Metaplugin – from there we can right click inside the Metaplugin window to add a Sylenth1 into Metaplugin. Once Sylenth1 is loaded the next step is to connect the MIDI and output cables – them cross your fingers and hit a note on your keyboard!

It’s also possible to automate synth parameters using Metaplugin in the way we’ve detailed in the video with Filter Cutoff.

Hopefully you’ll now have Sylenth1 working in Logic X! Check out our Sylenth1 Soundsets here.

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