DMS how to guide: Using wav audio samples in Logic Pro

DMS how to guide: Using wav audio samples in Logic Pro

May 30th 2012

logic-pro-iconIn the latest installment of our ‘How To’ guides we take a look at using audio samples like you’ll find here on DMS in Apple’s Logic Pro sequencer. Logic can handle both standard WAV (.wav) samples and AIF Audio (Interchange File Format .aif). Remember to take a read through our Glossary if you need help with any of the terms used in this article.

There are two ways to import WAV samples (.wav or WAVE files) into Logic. Audio can be used either directly on audio tracks in the Arrange window, or used in the EXS24 sampler, which gives a high degree of control over the sample allowing you to play the sample from your MIDI keyboard, as well as access to the sampler’s filters and envelope controls.


1) Audio Track Import.

To import an audio file directly onto an audio track in the Arrange window create a new audio track by clicking the (+) button on the top left of the window. From the New Tracks dialogue box select Audio and then choose Stereo from the Format drop down menu. This will create a new audio track for you.




You may now drag and drop from an OS X Finder window directly onto the new audio track or use Logic’s Media Browser (located on the right hand side of the screen.




Quick Tip: If you’re using looped wav files then make sure you set Logic’s tempo to matches that of the audio loop. If you’re unsure of the tempo of the loop set your cycle locators around the loop and from the Options Menu select Tempo and then choose ‘Adjust Tempo using Region Length and Locators’. This will give you the option of adjust Logic’s global tempo to that of the loop.




2) EXS24 Sampler Import.

Create a new Instrument track and insert an EXS24 Sampler. From the EXS24 front panel click the Edit button (on the top right of the EXS24). This will bring up the Instrument Editor. Now choose your audio sample and drag and drop into the Instrument Editor window. If you know the musical key of the audio sample enter it into the Pitch section of the Editor. This will ensure that the sample is played in the correct key. The fastest way to save your new instrument and get playing is to click the Close button on the top right of the Instrument Editor window, this will bring up a Save dialogue box allowing you to give the new Sampler Instrument a name and save it into your Logic Sampler Instruments folder (this is the default location). Watch the video below (click on the botton right to view full screen).

You’re now free to play your sample from your MIDI controller keyboard! Remember that we’ve got thousands of WAV samples and Audio Loop Packs here at DMS!

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