What About: Smashing FX
What About: Smashing FX

What About: Smashing FX

Download over 200 FX samples ready to add instant impact and amazing transitions to your tracks! Includes Impact FX, long uplifter FX, downlifters, short FX and build up construction kits!

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  • WAV Compatible With All DAW Software
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'What About: Smashing FX' is a brand new sample pack from W. A. Production featuring 220 FX Samples created for all modern EDM genres including; Electro, Progressive, Deep and Tech House. In this download you’ll find a huge collection of Build Up Kits, Impacts, Uplifters, Downlifters and Short FX’s. Every single sample has been made to bring added tension and impact to your mixes. All sound effects 100% Royalty-Free.

'What About: Smashing FX' contains all Sound effects that any modern producer needs to own and to use in creating new and awesome tunes. Featuring four and eight bar Uplifters, playful Downlifters, a whole bunch of different Impacts (including sub basses, noises, reverbs etc), short and punchy FX and very useful and powerful Build Up Construction Kits. Every Kit is separated into WAV stems so you can easily re-arrange them and use them as needed.


Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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