Z3TA+ Psytrance Bass Tutorial

Z3TA+ Psytrance Bass Tutorial

May 29th 2012

Nuborn guide us through making a Psytrance bassline patch using Cakewalk’s Z3TA+ softsynth.

1) Program a Psytrance style bassline into your sequencer’s piano roll, or import one of our MIDI examples from Nuborn Psytrance MIDI (you can download them here). To accent certain notes raise or lower the note velocity.

2) On the Z3TA+ front panel go to “program” then select “initialize” this will start a new template for you to program your preset

3) Select the “vintage saw 1” option in the oscilator section next to the heading “wave”

4) Turn the level & bus up to full, go to the envelope generator section and turn “sus” & “rel” all the way down, and put the decay down until the notes clear up

5) Go to the “filters” section and change the type to “12 DB/OCT LPF” and turn the level all the way up

6) Go to the “modulation matrix”, for source select OSC1, put the range to full, set control to veloc and destination to filters then FILTER1 CUTTOFF

7) Move the decay until the bass grooves nicely and lastly select “limiter” at the bottom right and put the level to the maximum.

      • You can listen to the example of the finished bass sound here:

{modmmp3} {mmp3}NSGN3TADemo.mp3{/mmp3}


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