Robotechnology Bundle [WAV]
Robotechnology Bundle [WAV]

Robotechnology Bundle [WAV]

1.24 GB mega pack containing 3 outlandishly creative science fiction releases - Animal Robotix, Cybernetic, and Droid Artworx.

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  • WAV Compatible With All DAW Software
  • PC & Mac Compatible
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Artificial lifeforms never sounded so ALIVE!  Welcome to the sophisticated sounds of tomorrow.  This collosal bundle of futuristic offerings from Studio Wormbone will make your music sound well ahead of it's time.  Included in this 1.24 GB mega pack are three outlandishly creative science fiction releases - Animal Robotix, Cybernetic, and Droid Artworx. 

These titles integrate mechanically here to form an epic monster robo pack at a substantial discount.  You'll have an artificially intelligent conglomerate construction kit involving a wide variety of droid drum loops, atmospheric and action packed FX, all manor of synthetic creature/motion/metallic/vocalization characterizations, alien weapons, abstractly intricate synth groove loops, metal-on-metal combat, and so much more! 

Designed with leading genres like dubstep, house, drum N bass, dance, electro, glitch, industrial, IDM, and techno in mind these sounds will launch your productions far into the future.  It also goes without saying that this collection couldn't be more ideally suited to film/TV/game applications.  Without a doubt this bundle belongs in the arsenal of elite musical and sound design professionals.

Meticulously organized for quick access.

Extensive use of bleeding edge boutique hardware and exotic software went into the development of this product.  Each of these sounds is calibrated with precision to make your next project inventive, far-sighted, and mind-blisteringly unique.


Formats provided are WAV with REX2 (loops only) in 24-Bit/44.1khz resolution.  All sounds are of course Royalty-Free. Most of these files are atonal so they'll musically fit into your compositions regardless of key.  Where appropriate, tonal files have the key center and loops have BPM info in the file name for quick integration into your favorite software. Every sample has been professionally recorded, edited, sliced, formatted, and mastered with the utmost care and is usable with every major audio software program (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Sony Acid, Garageband, Ableton Live, Reason). All sounds are compatible cross platform with either Mac or PC.

About The Creator:

Studio Wormbone is a compact and efficient state-of-the-art recording and production facility located in a quiet forest setting just outside the Emerald City of Seattle Washington, USA. Owned and managed by sound designer/producer Trevor Dutton, its resources specialize in all aspects of electronic music and modern audio production.

Machine melodrama at it's finest!  The Robotechnology Bundle puts the future in your hands.

Animal Robotix: 50 Lengthy animalisic extra terrestrial soundscape textures.
60 One shot hit robotic creature constructs.

10 Robo Backgrounds - long textural soundscapes.
10 Robo Awakenings - machines powering on and coming to life.
20 Robo Communications - nonhuman speech.
20 Robo Emotions and Character layers - expressive droid feelings.
20 Robo Grappling - hand-to-hand fighting.
40 Robo Impacts - powerfully transient and deep percusive attacks.
50 Robo Mechanizations & Transformations – xenophobic machine motion.
30 Robo Metallix - metal skin abuse.
10 Robo Monsters - creatures of alien construct.
20 Robo Engines and Propulsion - transport.
10 Robo Shut downs – end of line.
30 Robo Technology and Signals – creations of extra terrestrial origin.
20 Robo Weaponry - electrified combat.

Droid Artworx:
30 Algorithmic groove inducing drum loops.
35 Supercomputed synth loops.
24 Surreal synth FX.
30 Abstract android vox FX.

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